Project Description

Existing plant in main boiler house was not efficient and causing maintenance issues.
Design and build project to upgrade.
Existing pipework had a pressure test carried out and was passed as fit for purpose, reducing costs.
Boilers were replaced with 2 nos. Ideal Evomax 100kw condensing boilers.
The pipework was adapted to fit a new expansion vessel and pressurisation unit, making the system pressurised.
New flue was calculated, designed and fitted to accommodate new plant.
Existing water heater was replaced with a new Andrews 170L water heater and a secondary return pump was fitted on the H.W.S return to maintain temperature and flow.
New Wilo twin pumps were fitted on the heating and H.W.S circuits.
Control panel was designed and installed with optimizer for energy saving and efficiency.
New aluminium lagging was installed and the system chlorinated, dosed and commissioned.